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We take care of both the fabrication and the installation procedures of the orders. We have dedicated teams that do the work without any flaws.



Our maintenance team is one of the best as we have talented, trained and dedicated professionals who take care of all the maintenance procedures.


Repair Service

Any repairs need to be carried out? Reach out to us, and we will make sure that our professionals be at your place within 24 hours.


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Gas Piping Installation

Any repairs need to be carried out? Reach out to us, and we will make sure that our professionals be at your place within 24 hours.


Water Piping Installation

We do take up water piping installations projects for both commercial and domestic purposes. We are sure that the work will be done without any flaws.


Drain & Sewer Pipe Installation

We have carried out drain and sewer pipeline installations across various parts of the world. We are considered to be one of the best in this.


Pump & Piping Installation

We have done many projects when it comes to pump and piping installations. Hence we are very experienced in this field.


Boiler System Installation

We are one of the trusted names when it comes to boiler system installations. We are fortunate that we have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry.


Cooling Tower Installation

When it comes to industry piping we specialize in various things, and one among those is the cooling tower installation.

Secure Piping System

Commercial Division

Our commercial division team is one of the best in the world, and it is very synonymous for carrying out some of the best and flawless works in various industries. We are happy that we have carved a name for ourselves in the piping industry.


They have the best team that can execute things at the most exceptional levels. There swift and flawless.

Andrew L. Lucius

They are very dedicated, and they make sure that they give the best every day. 

Howard M. Schneider

Utilising Pre-Insulated Pipe

Fabrication of Pre-Insulated Pipe

65mm and 100mm diameter copper pre-insulated pipe.

Fibro Pipe Replacement

250mm Chilled Water pipework and 150mm Heating Water pipework.

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Steam Pipe Insulation is Vital to Saving Money in Your Home

Steam Pipe Insulation is Vital to Saving Money in Your Home

Currently, saving money is not only a choice, but also a necessity. When we think about how to save more
money, we must start with the most obvious place – at home! Although the first thing that comes to mind is
processing, limiting snacks and other such things, there are things that can diminish your income in places
that you think have no other option but to turn it off. Have you ever thought about insulating pipes?

Although the general rule is to isolate the pipe, the fact is that over the years your insulation can be
damaged, chewed by rodents hiding in the walls spacious rooms or simply not installed at all, because
someone wanted to save in building a house – skipping insulation in all.

Consulting a Pipe Insulation Specialist

You should go and see, and if you are not sure what you are looking at or where to look, you can consult a
specialist in the field of pipe insulation. Many companies will come and look for you, give you a rating and
tell you if you need to replace or update your current insulation, if applicable. It’s good to know the basics of
pipe insulation so you can verify your results yourself (to make sure you get a reliable estimate of what you

If water vapor is used in the heating system of your home, and thermal insulation is used to save heat, you
have to consider many factors. Everyone can refer to the fact that in some rooms it is always cold in the
winter and hot in the summer (more than in any other room in the house), while in other rooms the
temperature is right. Spaces in which the air is not heated or cooled to the desired temperature is often the
victim of heat dissipation / cold air in the pipes.

Isolating Pipe Temperature

So, if only at this level, insulating pipes make sense. You can effectively isolate hot and cold pipes and deal
with any damage related to freezing. You will have to look for the best offers and methods you prefer, but
one of the most common methods is to use hoses that close the pipes. Most of them are made of foam and it
is usually easy to work with this material and it can be effectively installed on every pipe. Anyone who
performs this task will encounter relatively simple work, and the foam or slime can be firmly held around
the pipes using a special foil.

If you think about it, the heat has to go a long way to some areas of the house. For heat to penetrate into the
farthest rooms, it can not get out of or in front of it before it reaches its destination. pipe insulation has been
specially designed for this purpose. Sometimes the fact is that the isolation of one area is removed, detached,
and maybe this area is never covered! Most people do not think about insulating the pipes until something
goes wrong and they need to call a repair specialist, but it can be expensive, especially if there is no
insulation, and a pipe break causes injury or damage to the home. Insulation can also protect pipes when
something breaks.

6 Reasons To Use Pipe Relining

6 Reasons To Use Pipe Relining

The damaged pipe is one thing that we do not want to deal with because it creates a considerable amount of mess and most of our daily activities are interrupted because of it.

If there is a damaged pipe, there is no other go but the repair them or replace them. There are actually two different ways of how the problem can be fixed. The first one is digging the pipe out and performing the necessary actions. The second is this innovative method called the pipe relining. In this article, we will see why it is better to opt for relining.

What is relining?

Relining is one of the advanced piping repair methods that is has been in practice for nearly 25 years. In this method rather than replacing or repairing the damaged pipelines, a new lining is given to the interior walls of the pipe that will take care of all the issues.

Reasons to opt for relining

Saves time

When compared to any other pipe repair procedure, relining saves a considerable amount of time. We all know for a fact that the conventional repair methods involve digging and taking the pipe out to carry out any kind of repair processes. This obviously consumes a lot of time. But in pipe relining there is no digging and various other things. Even the most complex problems can be solved and fixed within a few hours.

No mess and no destruction

One of the biggest concerns that people have when it comes to pipeline repairing is the mess that is created in the repair process. In the conventional methods, there is no other way but to dig the pipe out to repair. It will definitely damage the lawns or the concrete slabs beneath which the pipeline is running. To get them back to the normal state is a huge task. In relining, you need not worry any of these issues as no damage will be created.

Expands the pipe life

If the normal methods are followed to carry out the repairs in the damaged pipes, it will definitely have an impact on the life of the pipe. But when it comes to relining, the process actually contributes to the life of the pipes. It is said that the pipe relining will have a minimum guarantee for fifty years.

Better flow

Better flow

Pipe relining is a process where a new and smooth surface is created inside the pipes. It does not just take care of the damages that are in the pipeline. The smooth surface contributes to a better flow of the water.


If the pipes are dug out for proceeding with the repair process, there are a lot of damages that is being caused. It might not be very visible, but we are actually creating a lot of damage to nature. There are good possibilities of cutting the roots, and there are also chances of killing small organisms. In pipe relining no such damage is caused.

Saves money

Since most of the other methods involve excavation, it will obviously cost more as the labor involved is also high. But that is not the case in pipe relining all it takes a few hours of work, and the damages are repaired without much effort. Hence the cost is also very low.


Different Types Of Pipes And Tips For Choosing The Right One

Different Types Of Pipes And Tips For Choosing The Right One

Many factors need to be considered if you are shopping for suitable pipes. It is best to find out what kind of pipes work well with the problems you are facing. Here are some helpful information regarding types of pipes and also how to choose the right one.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes are durable due to which they withstand the weight of dirt and stones. It is also one of the most common types of pipes used. The major drawback of using cast iron pipes is they can rust really fast. This decreases the diameter of the pipes over the years which will cause a blockage. It is very commonly used as an indoor plumbing solution as it is easier to manage and outdoor usage is not recommended.

Asbestos pipe

Asbestos pipes are made of asbestos and cement; it can withstand high pressure and also can be used for water mains. Root intrusion can damage the pipeline, and it is best if you install a different kind of pipe near a septic tank.

PVC Pipes

There are various types of PVC pipes ranging from plasticized pipes to unplasticized ones. PVC pipes are designed to withstand high temperatures. Also, unplasticized PVC pipes are better if used outdoors.

Galvanized steel pipes

These pipes are coated with zinc which protects them from corroding quickly. They come various degrees of thickness. Light level being for internal plumbing and only downside to this is that they are expensive than PVC pipes.

Concrete pipes

Mostly used to supply water. They can be reinforced with various degrees. Smaller unreinforced concrete pipes are used to draining, and larger reinforced pipes are mainly used for water supply projects.

HDPE pipes

Most effective pipes in the market as they are made of high-density polyethene pipes. Due to its various levels of thickness, it can be used in various pressures of the environment. It is a bendable material with a 50-year warranty. We recommended it for the use of sewer lines and water lines.

PVC pipe

Stainless steel pipes

Although neat to look stainless steel pipes are costly. These are subjected to corrosion over time especially near coastal areas. These type of pipes are available both in flexible and rigid material to choose according to your needs. Mainly compared to galvanized pipes are available in various sizes.

Pex piping

It is a flexible plastic piping that is very popular in residential areas. Although slightly up there in cost, its maintenance is not an issue. Fast installation and best for water distribution makes it the best in residential areas. One of the main drawbacks of this pipe is that outdoor application may lead to UV rays damage over time.

How Can I Replace A Damaged Pipe Without The Mess?

How Can I Replace A Damaged Pipe Without The Mess?

To repair the damages and take care of any issues in the pipelines that are buried in your yard it is necessary to dig and clear things to carry out the repair process. Most of us do not want to create any mess, because it will spoil the appearance, and it takes a lot to set back things to its normal state. Many might think that is it not possible to repair damages without creating any mess. But by following certain methods, the repair procedure can be carried out without making any mess which we will see in detail in this article.

Do not do it by yourself and do not call a normal plumber

Rather by stating what to do first, we would like to start by saying what not to do. There are two things that you need to avoid for repairing the pipes without creating any damage and mess. The first is not carry out the repair process by yourself and the second one is not to depend on the service of a normal plumber.  You for a fact will not have any idea how to do it. The normal plumber will always opt for the conventional methods by digging and carrying out the repair procedures. Hence both are strict nos if you do not want to make any mess while repairing the damages of your buried pipe.


Hire experienced professional plumbers

The first thing that you need to do is hire professional plumbers who are capable of performing trenchless pipe repairs. By using trenchless pipe repairs, no damage will be caused to the floor or the lawn. As per your wish, no mess will be created while doing the repairs.

For people who are not aware of what trenchless pipe repair is, it is one of the newest methods in pipe repairing in which the process of digging the buried pipes is entirely eliminated, and the repairs are carried out with several different techniques.

Options for trenchless pipe repair

There are two main options for trenchless pipe repair.

sewer line

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting method is used for cast iron, terra cotta, PVC and concrete piping. In this method, two access points are created in the damaged pipes. The new pipe will be fixed by a special installation which will be pulled right through the old pipe. The old pipe is shattered, and a new one will be replaced.

Pipe Relining

In this method that old and damaged pipe will be left as such. A special kind of liner will be filled inside the pipe and air will be blown using the air bladder. The liner will be held against the walls of the pipe. Some time will take for the liner to harden and it will create a new layer. Thus all kinds of damage are repaired without digging and without making any kinds of mess.

How To Properly Cut Cpvc Pipe

How To Properly Cut Cpvc Pipe

CPVC pipes also called chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe. Although, it can be cut using different tools it does not require any electricity or heat. They are various means to cut a CPVC pipe, but one method is preferred over a different method depending on the application. Also, making a flat an even square cut make sure that a solid bond is achieved or else it weakens the fitting. Some tips we can provide to cut a CPVc Pipes properly are

Safety first

Safety is the first thing that one needs to look out. It is common knowledge, but it is a good measure to wear cut-resistant gloves as it will limit the risk of bodily harm. Also, Protecting your eyes with safety goggles will help prevent any injuries to the eye as small fragments tend to enter your eyes while cutting pipes leading to permanent damage to your eyes.

Solvent welding


Solvent welding is a process that helps to join CPVC pipes using solvents to fuse the pipes using chemicals to ensure fitting in even molecular level. Using these steps will ensure that the solvent applied is properly fixed

  • Use a chop saw with a fine-toothed blade
  • Smoothening the cut end of the CPVC pipe
  • Adding a slight angle to the end of the pipe

Mechanical coupling

Mechanical coupling enables you to connect one pipe with another without any resistance. This is an expensive way of ensuring that the pipes are durable without having to wait as the process of curing takes a lot of time.

  • Using a fine-toothed saw or a blade to get a precise cut
  • Using a plastic groove cutter


Threading can be used to join two ends the CPVC pipe together.

  • Use a fine-toothed saw or a blade
  • Ensure the CPVC is correctly squared with the help of miter box
  • Smoothening the cut end of the pipe with a knife
  • Use proper dies while threading by hand

Cold Weather


Lower temperatures cause the CPVC pipe to crack as it becomes very brittle in cold weather. It can be prevented just by checking the cut end for potential new cracks and if a cut is visible.

  • Cut two inches above the visible end of the crack
  • Inspect for more cracks
  • Proceed with joining the pipes

Some of the best practices to follow while installing CPVC pipes are

  • Using a fine-toothed saw for the best results
  • Using circular power saws with 6000 RPM with ordinary hand pressure
  • Using a guide to ensure you get a square cut every time.
10 Really Easy Ways To Unclog The Drains

10 Really Easy Ways To Unclog The Drains

A clogged drain is one of those simple issues that we have to face normally. Even though it is not a very complex problem, it is the kind of thing that irritates us to the core. Anything is bearable, but the unpleasant and the disgusting odor is something that cannot be tolerated. In this article, we will see some of the easy ways to unclog the drains.

Bent wire hanger

Using the bent wire hanger is one the simplest and easiest ways to unclog the drains. Wire hanger is a common thing in most of the houses. All you need is to take the metal dress hanger and straighten it up. Then bend it in one end to make a hook-like structure. Push it through the clogged drain, and it will get cleared easily.


Baking soda and vinegar

You do not have to be a chemistry expert to do this. Mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with 1/3 cup of vinegar. The mixture will create a fizzy reaction. Without wasting any time pour the mixture inside the clogged drain and it helps to clear whatever that was clogging the water flow.

The wet and dry vacuum

The vacuum in your house can also serve as the perfect tool for removing the clog. Set the vacuum to liquids and cover the vent. It will avoid creating a mess. Seal the drain as tight as possible. Since the vacuum is set in the highest power levels, it has enough strength to pull out whatever that is stuck in the path.

Boiling water

Using boiling water is definitely one of the easiest ways to get rid of the clog in the drains. Boil the water in the kettle or in any vessel, when the water is boiled carefully pour it into the drain. Make it a point that you pour it is two to three parts. This hot water will have a considerable impact on clearing the clog.

Caustic soda


Before making use of the caustic soda, make sure that you get rubber gloves and eye protection. It is because these chemicals are very harmful and cause burns and irritation. Add a few spoons of caustic soda to a ¾th gallon of water. Pour the mixture in the drain and leave it for 20 to 30 min. The drain will be cleared after that.

Cleaning pipes

This is one of the simplest plumbing jobs that anyone can do. Place a bucket under the U shaped pipe and start cleaning the pipes. It will loosen whatever that is stuck in the drain. Now flush water with full force and it will be cleared.

The drain Snake

The drain snake is a simple piece of equipment that works like magic. It is nothing but a long flexible metal role like object. Since it is flexible, it can clear the clog in the drain with very less effort.

Salt and baking soda

Take ½ a cup of salt and ½ a cup of baking soda. Mix it together and pour it inside the drain. Leave it undisturbed for 10 to 20 minutes. Now pour boiling water into the drain. It not just clears the clog but also cleans the drain.

Dish detergent

The dish detergent has the property to clean and remove sticky things. Based on that pour ½ a cup of dish detergent liquid into the drain and pour some boiling water along with it. This will clear the clog within a few minutes.

Baking soda, vinegar, gravity and pressure

Take some baking soda and vinegar. Mix them and pour it inside the drain. Then place the stopper over it. Remover the stopper and pour water with very high pressure. The water will loosen the block, and it will be cleared with simple effort.


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