The Radiant

Low Energy – High Output- Fluorescent LightingThe Radiant from Scottlamp provides the ultimate in high output, low energy lighting for a wide range of mobile applications. Produced in tough white polycarbonate with an opal lens, the performance of this little unit is truly impressive.

The fluorescent 2D fitting gives a light output equivalent to a 100W bulb with a better overall spread of light, whilst power consumption is only around 1 amp per hour, ensuring that it can be run from the smallest of car batteries.low energy flourescent lampCommercial vehicle applicationsLighting in the load area or cabins of vehicles have always been poor, mainly due to available battery life and cost. The Radiant consumes around 1 amp per hour, less than many traditional interior lights. However, this fluorescent light output is equivalent to a 100W bulb, with a much better distribution of light. Sturdy construction protects against damage and a 40 foot trailer interior can be illuminated effectively with just 1 or 2 Radiants powered by a 12 or 24 volt system. Breakdown service vehicles, parcel delivery companies and the emergency services have all come to rely on the Radiant for brilliant and economical illumination.

Trailer and caravan applicationsRadiant lamp switched on(click for larger image) The ultimate in lighting solutions for both trailers and caravans. Low power consumption and high light output see the Radiant being specified both as a work light for covered vehicle trailers and box vans and as galley lighting in caravans and trailer tents. In use, you can be reassured that you have dependable, safe and brilliant illumination for over 30 hours of continuous use when powered by the average tow car battery.

Marine applicationsThe Radiant is ideally suited to many marine applications. Its robust construction and low power usage ensure that it is favoured in working boats and leisure craft alike. Radiant lamps have rounded edges, especially important in rough seas, and are made from virtually indestructable polycarbonate. They have become a favourite fitment in engine rooms, working areas and as cabin and galley lighting solutions.