The damaged pipe is one thing that we do not want to deal with because it creates a considerable amount of mess and most of our daily activities are interrupted because of it.

If there is a damaged pipe, there is no other go but the repair them or replace them. There are actually two different ways of how the problem can be fixed. The first one is digging the pipe out and performing the necessary actions. The second is this innovative method called the pipe relining. In this article, we will see why it is better to opt for relining.

What is relining?

Relining is one of the advanced piping repair methods that is has been in practice for nearly 25 years. In this method rather than replacing or repairing the damaged pipelines, a new lining is given to the interior walls of the pipe that will take care of all the issues.

Reasons to opt for relining

Saves time

When compared to any other pipe repair procedure, relining saves a considerable amount of time. We all know for a fact that the conventional repair methods involve digging and taking the pipe out to carry out any kind of repair processes. This obviously consumes a lot of time. But in pipe relining there is no digging and various other things. Even the most complex problems can be solved and fixed within a few hours.

No mess and no destruction

One of the biggest concerns that people have when it comes to pipeline repairing is the mess that is created in the repair process. In the conventional methods, there is no other way but to dig the pipe out to repair. It will definitely damage the lawns or the concrete slabs beneath which the pipeline is running. To get them back to the normal state is a huge task. In relining, you need not worry any of these issues as no damage will be created.

Expands the pipe life

If the normal methods are followed to carry out the repairs in the damaged pipes, it will definitely have an impact on the life of the pipe. But when it comes to relining, the process actually contributes to the life of the pipes. It is said that the pipe relining will have a minimum guarantee for fifty years.

Better flow

Better flow

Pipe relining is a process where a new and smooth surface is created inside the pipes. It does not just take care of the damages that are in the pipeline. The smooth surface contributes to a better flow of the water.


If the pipes are dug out for proceeding with the repair process, there are a lot of damages that is being caused. It might not be very visible, but we are actually creating a lot of damage to nature. There are good possibilities of cutting the roots, and there are also chances of killing small organisms. In pipe relining no such damage is caused.

Saves money

Since most of the other methods involve excavation, it will obviously cost more as the labor involved is also high. But that is not the case in pipe relining all it takes a few hours of work, and the damages are repaired without much effort. Hence the cost is also very low.