Many factors need to be considered if you are shopping for suitable pipes. It is best to find out what kind of pipes work well with the problems you are facing. Here are some helpful information regarding types of pipes and also how to choose the right one.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast Iron Pipes are durable due to which they withstand the weight of dirt and stones. It is also one of the most common types of pipes used. The major drawback of using cast iron pipes is they can rust really fast. This decreases the diameter of the pipes over the years which will cause a blockage. It is very commonly used as an indoor plumbing solution as it is easier to manage and outdoor usage is not recommended.

Asbestos pipe

Asbestos pipes are made of asbestos and cement; it can withstand high pressure and also can be used for water mains. Root intrusion can damage the pipeline, and it is best if you install a different kind of pipe near a septic tank.

PVC Pipes

There are various types of PVC pipes ranging from plasticized pipes to unplasticized ones. PVC pipes are designed to withstand high temperatures. Also, unplasticized PVC pipes are better if used outdoors.

Galvanized steel pipes

These pipes are coated with zinc which protects them from corroding quickly. They come various degrees of thickness. Light level being for internal plumbing and only downside to this is that they are expensive than PVC pipes.

Concrete pipes

Mostly used to supply water. They can be reinforced with various degrees. Smaller unreinforced concrete pipes are used to draining, and larger reinforced pipes are mainly used for water supply projects.

HDPE pipes

Most effective pipes in the market as they are made of high-density polyethene pipes. Due to its various levels of thickness, it can be used in various pressures of the environment. It is a bendable material with a 50-year warranty. We recommended it for the use of sewer lines and water lines.

PVC pipe

Stainless steel pipes

Although neat to look stainless steel pipes are costly. These are subjected to corrosion over time especially near coastal areas. These type of pipes are available both in flexible and rigid material to choose according to your needs. Mainly compared to galvanized pipes are available in various sizes.

Pex piping

It is a flexible plastic piping that is very popular in residential areas. Although slightly up there in cost, its maintenance is not an issue. Fast installation and best for water distribution makes it the best in residential areas. One of the main drawbacks of this pipe is that outdoor application may lead to UV rays damage over time.