To repair the damages and take care of any issues in the pipelines that are buried in your yard it is necessary to dig and clear things to carry out the repair process. Most of us do not want to create any mess, because it will spoil the appearance, and it takes a lot to set back things to its normal state. Many might think that is it not possible to repair damages without creating any mess. But by following certain methods, the repair procedure can be carried out without making any mess which we will see in detail in this article.

Do not do it by yourself and do not call a normal plumber

Rather by stating what to do first, we would like to start by saying what not to do. There are two things that you need to avoid for repairing the pipes without creating any damage and mess. The first is not carry out the repair process by yourself and the second one is not to depend on the service of a normal plumber.  You for a fact will not have any idea how to do it. The normal plumber will always opt for the conventional methods by digging and carrying out the repair procedures. Hence both are strict nos if you do not want to make any mess while repairing the damages of your buried pipe.


Hire experienced professional plumbers

The first thing that you need to do is hire professional plumbers who are capable of performing trenchless pipe repairs. By using trenchless pipe repairs, no damage will be caused to the floor or the lawn. As per your wish, no mess will be created while doing the repairs.

For people who are not aware of what trenchless pipe repair is, it is one of the newest methods in pipe repairing in which the process of digging the buried pipes is entirely eliminated, and the repairs are carried out with several different techniques.

Options for trenchless pipe repair

There are two main options for trenchless pipe repair.

sewer line

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting method is used for cast iron, terra cotta, PVC and concrete piping. In this method, two access points are created in the damaged pipes. The new pipe will be fixed by a special installation which will be pulled right through the old pipe. The old pipe is shattered, and a new one will be replaced.

Pipe Relining

In this method that old and damaged pipe will be left as such. A special kind of liner will be filled inside the pipe and air will be blown using the air bladder. The liner will be held against the walls of the pipe. Some time will take for the liner to harden and it will create a new layer. Thus all kinds of damage are repaired without digging and without making any kinds of mess.